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Shira Bush, Ph.D.

Career Coach

Topics I Can Coach

Personal Wellbeing

  • Personal Branding

Professional Wellbeing

  • Job Search Using LinkedIn

  • Leadership Potential

Professional statement

Shira earned her PhD in Professional and Education Leadership Development, (corporate training/adult education), with a BS and MS in Business Marketing, Branding, Management and Coaching.  She has been an executive, personal and professional coach since 1989 and was trained by a first generation John Hargrove student! Shira has also quite a bit of parenting experience as a divorced woman who raised 4 children, none of which were biologically hers. Two of those children were autistic and 2 were highly intelligent gifted children.  


"My background is identical to what is wanted and needed as a parent struggling through life. I didn’t have the resources needed, however, I went and found them or developed them, or ultimately educated myself so that I could help myself and others. I have more than 60 years of life expereince and over 30 years of professional coaching experience - coaching everything from simple parental issues to complex family and corporate issues."

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