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A Wounded Healer

A Wounded Healer By Mary Aggarwal

I can heal because… I am a wounded healer

The teacher can teach because she learned from studying

A wounded healer can heal because she has learned from her experience with pain.

The tears from my pain makes me nourish a soul.

Any soul I touch.

The water from the tears work like the important ingredient in the potion to heal.

I attract energy that needs healing.

I need not look to the gurus, and the swamis for healing.

My wounds make me a healer.

Connecting with other humans and touching their souls is my purpose.

That’s why I am here on earth. That is the purpose of the Divine Feminine. I receive with open arms The spirits around me

And speak to them in the language of the world.

It is love It is pureness It is the power to heal wounds

I am a woman

I am a wounded healer

Emotional support is a huge relief when we feel alone or overwhelmed by emotions. It is a rock of comfort, security and peace. To give others support, we need to practice listening and having empathy, and in order to get emotional support, we need to accept that we are not always capable of processing what happens to us by ourselves. So, occasionally, we need to receive external help, and this is where Circle 4 Parents would like to be a part of your life. We are that extra help parents need during times of duress.


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