5 Things You Can Do Today to Get Better Rest

Parenting is no easy feat, that’s why adequate rest is so important for a parent’s physical and emotional health. When we spend too long running on empty, we run the risk of getting sick, losing our patience quicker and ultimately experiencing a burnout. Keep reading for five things you can do today to feel more refreshed and rested.

1. Take it One Step At A Time

As parents, we only want to give our children the best. Unfortunately, at times this can turn into trying to accomplish too many things at once. While multi-tasking is, of course, a talent that many parents possess, multitasking day in and day out can be too much. To combat this, focusing on just one thing at a time is sometimes the best bet for not feeling overwhelmed. Also, you can be sure that you’re not overlooking details or forgetting anything like a soccer practice or an important step in your baby’s routine.

2. Find Mindful Minutes Each Day

During stressful weeks (or months), it can be super important to find the time you need to collect yourself. Even if it’s just five to ten minutes alone, this can be the time that you need to just tune out the rest of the world and reconnect with yourself for the calmer state of mind. During these minutes you can meditate, stretch or even just close your eyes and collect yourself. Find what works best for you and the next time you need a moment to yourself, you will be armed with exactly what you need to reset.

3. Prioritize

Along the same lines of taking it one step at a time, prioritizing rest is key for busy parents. If you have the choice between tackling a sink full of dishes or taking a 20-minute nap, take a nap. While it is true that the dishes won’t do themselves, sometimes it’s necessary to put your own well-being before chores. Taking that nap could make all the difference in your day if you didn’t get much sleep the night before due to your newborn’s feeding schedule, or trying to juggle children and a full work week.

4. Put Away Electronics

In the digital age, there are not many times you can find an individual that doesn’t have their phone on them at all times. Many people spend mindless hours of time scrolling through social media during downtime at night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, studies show that the blue light emitted from our computers, phones and other mobile devices suppresses melatonin; the hormone that controls your sleep cycle.

5. Find Support

In addition to finding ways to literally feel more rested, a big part of feeling more connected with ourselves and finding comfort is knowing that you’re not alone. Circle 4 Parents is an online community that helps it’s members to parent more effectively by offering them the support they need to be there best selves. The best part? You can sign up today! Joining Circle 4 Parents is a great way to gain the support you need for a happier and healthier home life.

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