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Partner with Nurxur and help people achieve joy

Nurxur helps coaches like you seamlessly connect with people and support them on their journey to happiness.  Let us help you grow coaching practice with motivated referrals so you can enjoy a thriving business while devoting more time to client care.

Our Mission

  • Qualified Clients Directly in Your Inbox

  • A Platform to Manage Your Practice

  • A Network of Encouragement and Expertise

How Nurxur Works

  • Nurxur Works with Organizations – Employers work directly with Nurxur to provide coaching benefits to their workers.

  • Clients Start Their Journey on Nurxur Platform – People sign up online and complete Nurxur’s proprietary assessment

  • Nurxur Makes a Match – Nurxur uses technology and experts to match your expertise and availability.

  • Clients Take The First Step on Their Journey to Wellbeing– Clients schedule their first session online.

  • Nurxur Handles Payment – Nurxur processes your payment conveniently.

Interested in becoming a Nurxur coach?

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