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Melanie Jordan

Certified Nurse Midwife, childbirth and postpartum, women’s health, nutrition

Topics I Can Coach

Parental Wellbeing

  • Postpartum Care

  • Pre Birth Planning

Personal Wellbeing

  • Mindfulness

  • Nutrition in Pregnancy

  • Women and Hormones

Professional Wellbeing

  • Support for healthcare providers

  • Work/Life Balance

Professional statement

Melanie is a mother of 4, a registered nurse and a certified nurse midwife of 30 years. She has a wide range of experience as a healthcare provider including providing women’s health care for teens to adults, midwifery services in home and hospital. Melanie has facilitated group workshops on many aspects of becoming a parent as well as issues around pregnancy, labor coping methods, breastfeeding and postpartum. Melanie believes in empowering women and their partners with unbiased information and support leading to being informed and confident about the decisions made as they navigate through the journey to parenthood and beyond. Melanie is passionate about creating a positive attitude when challenges are presented whether its around body image, parenting styles, relationships, work place issues to ultimately create as sense of empowerment while discovering our inherent inner strengths.

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