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Matthew Jonas

Certified Master Transformational Coach

Topics I Can Coach

Family Wellbeing

  • Blended Family Dynamics

  • Divorce & Custody Challenges

  • My Kids, Your Kids, Our Kids

  • Talking to Kids About Divorce

Parental Wellbeing

  • College Process and Stress

  • Dating with Children

  • Divorce Challenges for Dads

  • Fatherhood: Surviving & Thriving

  • Raising Respectful Boys

  • Speaking to Kids About Sex

  • Talking to Kids About Violence

  • Time to Think About College

Personal Wellbeing

  • Men: Wearing Many Hats

Professional Wellbeing

  • Conflict Resolution

Professional statement

Matthew is a Master Transformational Coach & Master Neuro-Linguistic Engineer with over 20 years of executive leadership and coaching experience in the public and private sectors. He is a trained facilitator and instructor of the “Remarkable Practice for Men” and has more than 20 years of experience building, leading and mentoring men’s circles.

Matthew’s workshops, classes, and individual sessions focus on developing highly effective communication skills, advanced leadership proficiency, and inventive techniques to maximize creativity, effectiveness and impact. As the author and curator of the Mindfulness MBA, he works with men and women to exponentially expand their view of themselves in relation to people, purpose, and surroundings. He is a proud father of 3 children.

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