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Kristen Stranckmeyer.jpg

Kristen Stranckmeyer

Certified Life Coach

Organizational Leadership

Topics I Can Coach

Personal Wellbeing

  • Finding Joy thru Practicing Gratitude

  • Self Care

Professional statement

As a life coach — I am committed to supporting you on your journey of transformation. I hold non-judgmental space for you to find clarity on what you really value and want in this life, on your purpose and your WHY. I offer tools to support you, I remind you to leave guilt, shame and how you think you ‘should’ be out of the equation - and I encourage you to go within and trust your gut (aka intuition, your inner guidance system, your soul contract). By working together we recognize patterns and beliefs that need to be shifted or replaced as you transform into the next version of self. Each session you choose the topic to discuss, you have realizations, and together we develop a clear plan of action in alignment with your goals and values that you consciously and purposefully work towards.

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