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Katherine Saltzberg

Leadership Parenting Coach

Topics I Can Coach

Family Wellbeing

  • Design a Family Mission Statement

  • Develop a Family Legacy

  • Discover Family Values

Parental Wellbeing

  • Getting Kids to Do What You Say

Professional statement

Katherine is a C.L.P.C. Certified Leadership Parent Coach personally trained and certified by John Rosemond. She’s been coaching since 2011. Parent Coaching lends itself to Circle4Parents because only the most dedicated & loving parents seek coaches. In addition to her private practice, Katherine also answers questions for the parenting website Parent Guru. In a different life, she was an actress on the small screen. In fact, her acting training comes in handy when she needs to keep a straight face during parenting challenges!

Before becoming a coach, her personal parenting challenges brought Katherine to her knees. For every “This is why I became a mother” moment, there are many moments of frustration, monotony, fear, and insecurity. Effective parenting means knowing how to manage those emotions with love and leadership. Being partners in love can look differently than being partners in parenting. Katherine supports you when and if you and your partner have different parenting approaches.

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