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For Employers

Unlock the potential of your most valuable assets, your people.


Nurxur gives your employees access to a network of specialized coaches in minutes, helping you achieve a culture of wellness. It’s easy to start.

The Problem

Over 2/3rd of Employees believe they do not have a work-life balance, affecting their performance at work. Employee disengagement costs companies $300 billion every year due to lost productivity. Access to employees wellness solutions drastically improves employee efficiency.

In fact, more companies are investing in stress management and mental well-being across all industries

The Solution

Nurxur empowers working parents to be happy at work and at home. We deliver personalized well-being solutions to the working parents to help them achieve success:

  • Success Mapping

  • Personalized Wellness Journey

  • Personalized Coaching Sessions

  • Virtual Communication with Coaches

  • Powerful Group Coaching

  • Access on Demand

  • Professional Parenting Expertise

  • Data Driven Results

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