How does a coach work?

An experienced coach will meet you where you are to actively understand your biggest issues, challenges, and aspirations. An accomplished coach will also help you get quick wins, set you up for long-term success AND help you become more motivated, inspired, organized, and accomplished with strategies and tools, and help hold you accountable to your own standards of success and happiness.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is a dynamic and interactive process that supports you to get from where you are to where you want to be, BETTER, EASIER & QUICKER. Coaching is NOT therapy though coaching does use many of the same therapeutic approaches to help you get in touch with what you say you want most – AND then help you achieve that. Coaching is educational, instructional and advisory to help you BETTER get the results you say you want most.

Will my company know what I talk about with my Nurxur coach?

Absolutely not, we take your privacy very seriously. Your coaching sessions are completely confidential, as Nurxur does not release your personal data to anyone – including your employer.

What can I expect once I am enrolled?

Once enrolled you will be contacted by your new Nurxur coach. You and your coach will identify your areas of need. Should you need a specialist coach, your lead coach will connect you with the right specialist within our organization. You will then connect with your coach at a convenient time for you both confidentially.

How long is a coaching session?

All coaching sessions are approximately 55 minutes in length.

Who are the coaches?

Nurxur coaches are certified, trained with extensive hands-on experience.

Can I contact my coach directly?

Yes, once you are assigned to a coach you are able to communicate with them directly outside of your scheduled session times.

How many people participate in a group coaching session?

There are typically 8-12 participants in a group session. Some are smaller and some are larger, it is content specific.

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