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Supporting Employees to Flourish and Have Work-Life Balance Through Virtual Coaching

Your employees need more support during these chaotic times.

Recent research shows employees need more of a work-life balance especially with COVID-19.

Unlock the potential of your most valuable asset, your people.

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66% of employees believe
they do not have work-life balance


41% of workers say virtual coaching for stress and anxiety would be highly valuable

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Transform Your Workforce

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Reduce absenteeism

Absenteeism is the symptom of an underlying problem that can be remediated by supporting employees develop improved tools and understanding to make ​behavioral changes with coaching.

"Research shows that relationships considerably change for the better when people get coaching, and enhanced relationships lead to increased productivity.”  Master-Certified Coach, Madeleine Homan

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Increase productivity

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Lower turnover

Employee retention requires making employees feel invested in and not just utilized for their productivity. One of the best ways to keep great employees feeling cared for and engaged is through coaching programs.

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“Nurxur helps people struggling with life and work issues make better decisions. They come away from coaching calls having learned how to use an array of powerful and wonderful tools to ensure they live the lives they want and deserve.”




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