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Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Women's Wellness Educator, Master Practitioner NLP (mindset training), Level 2 Diabetes Educator Paraprofessional, Life Coach

Topics I Can Coach

Family Wellbeing

  • Design a Family Mission Statement

  • Develop a Family Legacy

  • Discover Family Values

  • Healthy Relationships

  • The Richness of Giving

Parental Wellbeing

  • Childhood Stress & Anxiety

Personal Wellbeing

  • Acceptance – Being Ok With What Is

  • Coping with Stress

  • Diabetes

  • Finding Joy thru Practicing Gratitude

  • Finding Your Voice

  • How to Rest Better

  • Independent Identity

  • Living a Fulfilled Life

  • Meaningful Relationships

  • Mindfulness

  • Practice Time Management

  • Reconnect with YOUrself

  • Self Care

  • Self Respect

  • Self-Discovery

  • Sleep Deprived Parents

  • Thrive Where You Are

  • Women and Hormones

Professional Wellbeing

  • Work/Life Balance

Professional statement

Arlene equips moms for “joy in every day” with life rhythm tools and teachings in the art of self-care for self-renewal. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which is mindset training for positive outcomes, a Certified Integrative Health, and Life Coach, Women’s Wellness Educator, and Level 2 Paraprofessional Diabetes Educator.

Arlene’s personal journey into health and wellness began over 20 years ago when she cured her own IBS after conventional medicine failed (not one physician addressed diet and lifestyle). Then, she became a mother and suffered from anxiety for the first time due to the overwhelming new responsibilities in her roles. Soon afterward, Arlene created a smart and practical toolkit for living a healthy and vibrant life rooted in having a calm mind. She got herself back on track with her simple strategies and wanted to share them with others. Combining her experience with her certifications and training, she helps women nourish the woman within the mom to restore, replenish, and revitalize their lives. When a mom can show up in the life she desires from a place of vitality, everyone wins!

Arlene Figueroa

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