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Alison Johnson

Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

Topics I Can Coach

Family Wellbeing

  • Healthy Relationships

Personal Wellbeing

  • Acceptance – Being Ok With What Is

  • Coping with Stress

  • Living a Fulfilled Life

  • Mindful Eating

  • Mindfulness

  • Practice Time Management

  • Reconnect with YOUrself

Professional Wellbeing

  • Work/Life Balance

Professional statement

Alison is a Meditation and Mindfulness Coach with more than 15 years of personal experience. She holds a CMI Certification from University of Holistic Theology. Meditation offers individuals the opportunity to gain better focus, resiliency, self-awareness and to examine unconscious beliefs and tendencies, just to name a few.  In this way, what we learn and experience on the “cushion” can be translated into our everyday lives within all of our relationships including the relationship with our children. Meditation trains individuals to become more mindful thereby enhancing every aspect of our lives.

“Authentic connection, personal sovereignty, healing and empowering motivates me! I am deeply passionate about giving our children a safe place to land within their own minds and this begins with US and parents, as people, as a global community.”

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