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Company’s History

Our founder, a mom of 4 and wife, coming from 22 years in corporate America, had her struggles to focus on her own well-being while raising a family, being present with her husband and performing in the workplace.  NurXur, formerly known as Circle4Parents, was launched to enhance well-being for individuals, especially working parents and caregivers through virtual face to face coaching. 

Our proprietary model connects clients with expert coaches on topic-specific issues for today's work-life challenges.

Our Mission

The mission for NurXur is for clients to capture the benefits of enhancing their well-being through a convenient virtual platform.  Our professional coaching environment focuses on personal and professional well-being for individuals to progress towards improving themselves so they can be present at home and work. 

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NurXur's team of experts has created numerous articles, research papers and presentations outlining the pathway to happiness and well-being. Find out more here.