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We're all about wellbeing

for working parents, caregivers, and individuals


Unlock the potential of your most valuable assets, your people.


NurXur gives your employees access to a network of specialized coaches , focused on enhancing the wellbeing of the organization and employee.

It’s easy to start!

Family Wellbeing

We help build skills to improve communications with your family and achieve balance at home. 

NurXur coaches you on understanding the needs of your children, spouse or partner, and elderly parents to help you improve your relationships. 

NurXur is your community of support system.

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Personal Wellbeing

NurXur focuses on enhancing your personal wellbeing.


NurXur helps you gain clarity on your needs as an individual and helps you gain tools to prioritize self-wellbeing. NurXur enhances your self-awareness.


With NurXur, you are not alone. 

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We provide a platform for your skills, talents, and passion to be available to clients.


We deploy virtual technology, cutting edge coaching and our proprietary approach to supporting parents, caregivers, and individuals in their journey.


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Coach Arlene

As a coach, I have been provided opportunities by NurXur that I may never have had to coach. This is so beneficial for my specialty of self-care, the gifts of which just keep coming. NurXur has facilitated my ability to help people harness the awareness of self-care for work/life balance, which for clients and the community, translates into a stronger weave in the fabric of life.

Clearly NurXur is well-positioned to help coaches help people bring the integrity of self to the forefront of living and it pays in spades.